What makes RushCycling elite?  We are the only indoor cycling studio in our area offering RealRyder® bikes.  The articulating frame technology of RealRyder bikes allow riders to work the bikes side to side, incorporating all three planes of motion – taking the ride outside the traditional linear up and down indoor cycling movements.

Riders must fully must fully engage the body to maneuver. Legs drive the flywheel against variable resistance as one does with traditional indoor cycling – providing the cardio and leg work that indoor cyclers have been crushing on for years.  However, the articulating frame creates an unstable surface and riders therefore fully incorporate their entire core to stabilize and balance.  Additionally to move the bike side to side – you must push, lean, pull and hold – working your arms, shoulders, chest and back.  No silly handlebar push ups at RushCycling – just solid, full body, hard work.


  • Incinerate calories
  • Sculpt muscles
  • Increase cardiovascular performance
  • Develop and enhance core strength
  • Leave traditional indoor cycling behind
  • A Rush like no other indoor cycling experience

“Don’t be intimidated by RushCycling! Everyone there – other riders, instructors, owners – are encouraging and helpful – it’s almost a team type feel. Yes it’s a hard, sometimes killer, workout – and it can be intense – but it’s all up to you. You control everything and you’re not competing against anyone but yourself. As Gary always says in class: your ride, your road”

Fitness Enthusiast



Whether you’re new to indoor cycling or new to RealRyder, we suggest everyone who is new to RushCycling arrive 15 minutes prior to class so that our instructor can familiarize you with the bike and proper form to ensure your first experience is a great one.  15 minutes will give you plenty of time to sign in, set up, and get to know the bike and the instructor before you get your Rush on.  And no – you can’t tip the bikes over!  


Because of the movement and unstable surface of RealRyder bikes, your first time will be challenging.  But rest assured, your second time is exponentially better.  By your 5th class – you’ll be comfortable and able to work the bike – to fully engage your body and experience indoor cycling like never before.

Most importantly:  RushCycling studios offer a positive atmosphere where riders of all levels will experience a great workout with great people.  There are no screens comparing you to others. No weights.  No computers.  It’s you versus you.  Your Ryde – Your Road.  The other Ryders are there with you fueling your experience – creating a pure adrenaline Rush.

Once you experience the Rush, you’ll want to come back for more!  And no – you can’t tip the bikes over!   


First off, please review the reservation and cancellation policies, and if you’re purchasing a package, please pay special attention to the expiration date of the package.  

First time Ryders take advantage of the RookieRush (3 Classes for $45) – It’s a great way to get to know the bikes (simply go to the “Purchase” page).  Or simply email us at info@rushcycling for more information.

Before purchasing, we suggest you review the class schedule to make sure our schedule fits yours.

To purchase, please go to the TAKE A CLASS section of the website and select the dropdown for PURCHASE.  Identify the package you would like to buy and the system will take you through setting up an account.  

If you are new to Rush, select sign up.  

If you are a returning Ryder, select sign in.

The system will take you through the needed steps to credit your account and you can then reserve a bike.


First off, please review the reservation and cancellation policies, and if you’re purchasing a package, please pay special attention to the expiration date of the package.  

Once you’ve purchased your Ryde or package of Rydes, please go to the TAKE A CLASS section of the website and select the dropdown for RESERVE.  Select the studio location where you want to get your Rush on, then select the bike you wish to reserve.  Finally, get ready to Ryde!


No spin shoes – no problem!  Our RealRyder bikes have reversible pedals which accommodate both sneakers and SPD clips (if you wear sneakers, the firmer the sole the better!).  ***NOTE:  We do not rent spin shoes.  We also suggest you wear shorts that come to the knee to prevent too much friction on the inside of your legs.


While it isn’t mandatory to reserve online, we can’t guarantee a ryde unless you sign up!  Also, our reservation system allows Ryders to secure their favorite bike.  


Life happens – we know it!  If you reserved but can’t make it to class, to avoid penalty please cancel by logging into your account and removing yourself from the class (or simply email/call us) at least 2-hours in advance of the class start time to avoid penalty.

If you cancel within 2-hours of the class start time, it is deemed a “late cancel” and the class will be removed from your account / you will be charged for that class.

If you’re a Monthly Unlimited RushRyde member and you “late cancel” you will be charged a $10 penalty.


Please make sure to note the expiration of the package you purchase.